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What's avdvdb

(A)ny (V)ideo to (DVD) (B)urner (avdvdb) is a set of bash scripts which will do the process of converting, authoring and burning any video to a dvd compliant disc in a really simple way even though it's command-line based.
You will need: With all this avdvdb will join every video file, convert it to mpeg2, add subtitles and make a dvd with a main menu and a scenes selection menu. Every scene (chapter) is set to be made every 10 minutes unless you are in episode mode (-e), in this case they will be made at the beginning of evey file specified (as it assumes their are episodes).

What do I need ?

To run avdvdb you will need the following:

Download links

If you prefer to get the latest svn version:
svn co https://avdvdb.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/avdvdb


Well it's a command-line based script but...
avdvdb in action 1
avdvdb in action 2

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My name is Carlos Diaz I am currently studying "Informatics Engineering" in Spain, if you want to contact me please send an e-mail to:
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